Drew Avera
Publisher: AREVA Publishing
Pages: 116

From Drew Avera, author of the best-selling dystopian saga, The Dead Planet Series, comes a thrilling story from a future where a broken America is at war with itself. It's the year 2103. Fifty-three years after the second American Civil War the landscape of a once great nation is in shambles. The United States in no more and is now broken into three separate countries; The American Union, The Confederate States of America, and the California Republic. The American Union is in a constant state of Martial Law due to rioting by a group of protestors known as “Outliers”. They fight against the oppressive laws decreed by President Caleb Fulton, but all is not what it seems. The man they know as President Fulton is an actor named Stephen O’Neil who is being held captive by an administration that has been in power for more than twenty years. After their plan to have the protestors ...
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