Ginger Malacko
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 471

Nathan Christopher Coville has always been certain of two things: that he is the most popular kid to have ever lived in the town of Temple Hills, and that he deserves to be. But that was before he was plunged head first into a gorge. Now that he’s freshly dead, Nathan isn’t certain of anything except that the afterlife isn’t so heavenly. Instead of waking amidst trumpets and sunlit clouds, Nathan finds himself deep underground, in the middle of an invisible world of guardian angels. With an impossible mission, a head angel with an unnerving secret, and a host of demons who want nothing more than to destroy him, fame and glory seem forever just out of Nathan’s reach. And to top it all, he is somehow thrown in with the most notorious misfits of the guardian training center. It’s a far cry from his easy mortal life, and Nathan finds himself homesick for his friends, his family, and his fan ...
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