Lorraine Carey
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 180

The supernatural thriller Out of the Ashes is Volume 2 of Mysteries of the Red Coyote Inn.Dean Banks, dirt-track biking, American Indian superhero is back and this time he is fighting an enemy, which must be destroyed in order to stop death and destruction in this paranormal thriller. He has to save the legendary Lost Dutchman Mine in Arizona and the sacred grounds in the Superstition Mountains from a powerful force only he can overcome.Being summoned as the ‘Chosen One’ by the Apache gods to guard and protect the land was not how he intended to spend the rest of his days. But that’s how his superpowers and knowledge from the elders and guides have been ramped up to prepare him for an unbelievable journey that may just be under his very own nose.Journey with Dean as he battles evil and is reunited with a lost love. Put on your seat belts! This supernatural thriller is a Wild Ride ...
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5 stars from 25 ratings
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