Josh Vasquez
Publisher: Josh Vasquez
Pages: 61

What people are saying about the FREE short story in the Savannah Zombie Novel Series on Amazon:"Professionally covered, formatted and edited.""Reading CJ's Story definitely got my heart racing! Very suspenseful and very well written.""I look forward to more from this writer, and I urge all fans of the zombie apocalypse to buy this book! Read on!"In A New Death: CJ's Story, you meet CJ, the thirteen-year-old nephew of the truck driver Josh from the novel A New Death. Find out what happens to Josh's family when the zombie apocalypse shambles into Savannah, Georgia! Will the young teenage CJ understand what is going on? Will he believe it? Will his family get out of the city alive? Or will he fall to the zombie infection?This zombie apocalypse series is for anyone who is a fan of zombie games, movies, or graphic novels! The author weaves action, suspense, and even some zombie humor into ...
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