Juno Bright
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 33

Are you and your best friend having trouble coming up with something new, exciting and different to do? Maybe summer vacation is coming up and the thought of spending time doing the same old things you always do makes you feel so bored and uninspired you’d like to scream. While it is great to have a very best friend to always count on and to do things with, after months or even years of being together, you may be running out of your own ideas and need a little help and a little push to get the fun going again. That‘s where this e-book comes in. It’s filled with well over a hundred ideas for activities to do with your BFF (and maybe any other very close friend- but they’d better be a really good, very good friend). Inside you will find:•Ideas for activities you may never have thought of.•Step-by-step directions for home-made facials for dry, normal and oily ...
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