Jacob Smith
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 45

Children's author Jacob Smith presents: "Helen Keller For Kids Book: Fun Facts About The Accomplishments & Life Of Helen Keller". This informative kids book includes well chosen words & great pictures to help children learn more about one of the world's most beloved and inspirational women, Helen Keller. Aside from the interesting facts and images Mr Smith presents in his Helen Keller For Kids Book he also covers some interesting insights about Helen Keller's background, what caused her blindness, how she coped growing up, her accomplishments, how she inspired people all over the world, and much more. The pictures within this book are accompanied by small bits of easy to understand text while making it an exciting read about The life of Helen Keller. Therefore, Helen Keller For Kids is a great educational book for kids ages 8 years and older (or for parents that want to read this book ...
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