Steven Bird
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 201

The Last Layover: The New Homefront, Volume OneThe Last Layover is the first book of The New Homefront series where patriotic Americans struggle to survive in a collapsing world while taking a stand against the evil and tyranny that quickly follows. The Last Layover is a fiction novel based on real places and potential scenarios where an out of control government pushes America to the brink of financial and social collapse. This vulnerable state allows the unthinkable to happen, causing the comfort, security, and conveniences of our modern first-world society to quickly come to an end. Imagine yourself far from home when the world suddenly changes. Just think back to Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, and other such recent events, and you can see just how quickly society breaks down.  Those situations even occurred with the nature of the emergency being confined to one specific ...
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