Dan Jackson
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 26

Prime Member and Kindle UnLimited Download this Book for FREE Blessed Mom (blessedmamasblurbs.blogspot.com) Wrote : " Snakes are pretty cool creatures. I loved all of the beautiful photographs of them in this book. I also loved all of the amazing facts mentioned. One of my favorites is how they shed their skin. On a couple of occasions as a little girl, I found some dead snake skin and thought it was pretty neat. You would never be able to catch me around a real live snake though unless it was being held by someone else or in a cage. I always ran from the ones that would come into the yard or that I found while riding my bike on the road. Their tongues are pretty neat too. I never knew it was split into a fork shape so that they could tell which direction a smell is coming from. I love the warning at the end of the book telling kids that snakes are NOT toys and that if they ever see a ...
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