John Shepherd
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 71

Ever wonder what really happens behind the closed doors of a fraternity house full of the sexually-charged bodies of hot young men? The Gamma Boy is a romantic thriller that is sure to make your heart pound.When college freshman Will pledges to the exclusive Gamma Alpha Gamma fraternity, he encounters a world where sex is ever-present among beautiful, brilliant, and intimidating men. But innocent Will slowly realizes the Gamma House is more than just a fraternity. Something dark and dangerous lurks behind those stately columns. The older boy, David, who violated him and tricked him into pledging, becomes Will’s closest confidante and lover. David and Will launch a daring and secretive – and wildly passionate -- affair. But can Will really trust David?Erotic and deeply moving, The Gamma Boy is a powerful romantic thriller that will capture your imagination and spark your ...
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