Chris Baca
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 15

Our would be hero is off to a terrible start. Waking up hung over, heading to work like a zombie and talking to people he doesn't really like. He's a call center customer service representative. Usually, he deals with common complaints from upset customers, taking insults and angry outbursts with an almost stoic attitude. Until one day, he gets a call from a strange woman claiming to be from another world. This woman relates to him an urgent need to relay plans for escaping doom. A doom her people have foretold will befall his planet. Is this woman really from another world as she claims, or is she just insane or playing a prank of some kind? Will he be able to do anything about it if she is telling the truth? Can he convince anyone else to hear her out if he lets his superiors know that he's been neglecting his job duties to speak to this woman that is obviously not all there? We shall ...
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