Lois Sansom
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 165

A fascinating peek into a Probation Officer's world. We accompany Lois Sansom for a year, to variety of probation settings including prisons, young offender teams and courts. Her diary tells offenders' stories and describes their crimes in full and sometimes graphic detail. Lois works with a wide range of criminals, aged from 13 to 80, from sex offenders to arsonists, murderers to drug dealers. Lois approaches her work with dedication as well as humour (her book is interspersed with funny stories) and shares with us success stories as well as failures. She experiences a few scary moments and gets herself into a few scrapes - Lois shares with us even her most embarrassing moments at work. This is Lois Sansom's first book, a highly entertaining read. Not to be missed.
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