Rev Wanner
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 105

Angel Raphael Speaks is a channeling of messages about healing and understanding. Reverend Mike has channeled over three hundred messages so far and has released them all free on internet JV's and In A book and E-book as Angel Raphael Speaks Volume one. There are also two single Topic E-books out called Angel Raphael Speak - Prisons and Angel Raphael Speaks - Veterans .This is a series so look for new editions by the same name. May these messages offer you hope and wisdom to help you to deal with your life now and prepare for a better tomorrow. May Angel Raphael Bless you and your family.This Book Includes The Following Topics – The Proliferation of Fear; The Illusion That There is No Good News; Are Capitalists Eating Their Seed Corn?Government Productivity; Celebrity Behavior; Perceived Weakness; What If?A Pool of Potential; Prison Crafts; Urban Changes; Embracing the Parents of ...
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