John Bainbridge
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 401

An intriguing Victorian murder mystery.Autumn 1873. Inspector Abbs and Sergeant Reeve are sent to investigate their first case of murder. At the small town of Seaborough on the Devon coast, a wealthy spinster has died suddenly in suspicious circumstances. Some local businessmen have ambitious plans to see the seaside resort expand. Was Miss Chorley killed because she stood in their way? Or beneath the elaborate rituals of mourning, does the answer lie closer to home? Behind the Nottingham lace curtains, residents and visitors have their schemes and secrets. As Inspector Abbs makes an enemy, the two detectives race against time to solve a baffling mystery. When a second body is found, Abbs and Reeve must untangle the past to find answers.Not realising that uncovering the truth may prove dangerous… What readers are saying about this historical mystery:'Being a fan of Victorian detective ...
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