Valerie Clay
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 383

Her life was organized, disciplined, and drearily routine. That’s about to change.Vic Morgan needs a makeover. A life makeover. She’s tired of being single, and the only good thing she can say about her job is that it pays the bills. To shake things up, she dives headfirst into the uncharted waters of on-line dating. Each evening she meditates on an exciting new life. But “exciting” can mean many things…It started with midnight calls from a phone-breather. Now, anonymous gifts are showing up on her front porch. And next door, her sexy neighbor, Judah, catches her attention. Secretive and potentially dangerous, his sensual dark eyes and mysterious past both intrigue and disturb her.To top things off, she reluctantly agrees to play private detective for a few hours. All she has to do is follow a friend’s husband on a suspicious, last-minute camping trip. But when he ditches ...
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