Robert P. Wills
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 333

Julesville's destruction is averted! Things aren't going so well for Grimbledung. On the run from his Halfling captors, he escapes to the Foreboding Forest, ending up at TreeTop City. Is being in the hands of cannibalistic Elves better than killer Halflings? More importantly- are the Elves going to be as sorry as the Halflings were when they dealt with Grimbledung? The odds are they will.Meanwhile, Grimbledung's plan comes to fruition- the invading Halflings run headlong into Captain Frank's forces out on the Great Shambler Plains. With Golems and Gargoyles in the mix, things are bound to work out. Aren't they?While avoiding the marauding Halfings, Nulu, Rat, and Klank strike out to rescue Grimbledung. After all, family is family! Ignoring rumors of rabid Elves, cantankerous Minotaur, and even the occasional Centaur, the group runs headlong into the Foreboding Forest. As usual, things ...
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