Cornell DeVille
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 203

Lost spirits are haunting Skullhaven.And Lilly can see them!Skullhaven Cemetery is across the highway from Sacred Heart Orphanage, where Lilly has lived for the past seven years since her mother mysteriously disappeared. Lost spirits haunt Skullhaven, and when Lilly starts seeing them, she realizes that the gold cross she wears is enchanted.Danger lurks just around the corner.When a ruthless Egyptian antiquities dealer recognizes Lilly’s cross as the priceless Golden Ankh of Queen Nefertiti, he decides he must have it for his collection. After kidnapping Lilly and giving her his ultimatum—either part with the Golden Ankh or spend eternity in Skullhaven Cemetery—Lilly must summon her inner strength. If she gives up the ankh, the lost spirits of Skullhaven will never find their way home.A great choice for any age!Written with the upper middle-grade reader in mind, Skullhaven is a ...
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