Rodney Wilmoth
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 229

The river of souls mortal men live out their lives,and when the spark of life burns out, they're washed away to Hades. But the underworld is a treacherous place, and some never find everlasting peace. Monsters—souls of alien beings, perhaps—prowl the Ether in search of weaker essences to devour. The clash between the evil and the benevolent sometimes spills over into the world of humans. Andrew works a dead-end job as a shop floor assistant when, after a particularly vivid dream of the Ether, a ravenous ethereal being begins persecuting him. He is forced to forge dubious alliances and delve into what he had up till now considered to be utter nonsense—the occult. Faced with the horror of the paranormal and the very much real, Andrew is in a race against time to understand his hunter and save his soul from the river... for now. Grasp of the Ether is a paranormal ...
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