Cynthia Anthonio
Publisher: Cynthia Anthonio
Pages: 47

Go Supermodel is a guide for boys and girls who aspire to be models. Attitude, skills, and mindset are all essential when trying to understand the world of glamor and fashion. This instructional eBook is written to provide useful information, help friends and family understand the world of fashion, and introduce the reader to glamor, as well. It looks behind the scenes at what is happening in the industry, and what will happen when you begin your career as a Supermodel.Go Supermodel will help male and female models understand the world of fashion photography, castings, and modeling agencies. You will learn how to break into the fashion world, as well as how to be, and stay, a Supermodel. Over the years, I have learned the skills and mindset necessary to succeed. Through my personal experiences, which I'm happy to share, I hope to start your career on the road to success. These are the ...
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