Mary J Hicks
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 55

Is it Mother Nature or is it just Mother?Photographer Ashley Green traveled to the Colorado Mountains to work on a photography project and to have some time alone to think about her future. Conflict is brewing with her mother who wants her to settle down. Ashley is intent on establishing herself as a top-notch landscape photographer. Settling down can wait until later. And she's not a happy camper when the guy in the cabin down from hers, Steve Carson, tries to advise her on which trail to take for doing photography. When Steve cautioned her about the rugged trail that she'd chosen, Ashley, in a voice as cool as the mountain air, made it clear to him that she'd make her own choices, thank you!A rockslide pins Ashley under a pile of rocks. Frightened and close to panic, she wonders if Steve will come to her rescue? She had practically told him to mind his own business. Was it any of his ...
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