Nick Kominitsky
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 256

Tom is a haunted man. Lost in a city of endless casinos, perhaps he could forget what he’s done and only gamble each moment away. But there are forces guiding him. Like subtle undercurrents, they pull him into a world beneath the city, where the charismatic Roderick and his disciples summon demons for profit. In this subterranean labyrinth, Tom must sort the allies from the foes, the sane from the mad. But questions remain. Is Roderick the inspiring, egalitarian leader he appears to be? What is he really trying to achieve? Will Tom finally leave his past behind and find a home in this dark conclave? Might shadowed truths well up from the depths?The Architect’s Fist is the first strand of Cain’s Web, a dark fantasy trilogy. Like an unassuming service door, it is your entrance to worlds beyond imagination, where the lines between good and evil, human and inhuman blur. Open that ...
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