Ryan Jenkins
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 24

Discover the Hidden Secrets, Conspiracies & Experiments in World War IIUPDATE ON CONTENT - SECOND EDITION - now with MORE Revealing Stories!World War II was one of the bloodiest wars this world has seen in its history. The atrocities and acts of war that were committed set off shockwaves that are still felt today, even after decades have come and gone. This book covers the two alliances that waged the war and the countries that formed them, and the dark secrets and conspiracy theories that surround the timeline. You will also get a look at the weaponry that was used in the war, as well as the inhumane acts & experiments conducted by both sides. This is a perfect book for the history enthusiast, or even those with a passing interest in one of the most impactful times in world history.Here's a Preview of What You Will Learn* The Allied and Axis powers and their countries* Weaponry and ...
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