Mande White-Pearl
ASIN: B00JLR9658
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 19

“The Purpose of Business is to Facilitate Your Preferred Lifestyle & Provide Whatever Financial Rewards You Choose While Providing Genuine Value to Someone in Need.” – Mande White-PearlIn this book you'll discover:--> How your heart maybe holding you back from making you money AND how you can have both a heart-filled and profitable business--> Why the most intuitive way to get clients actually backfires and how you can easily attract your perfect clients AND have them pay you more--> How your deep desire to serve maybe causing people to say ‘No’ and how to get them to say ‘Yes’ to your best you have to offer--> How to talk about what you do in a way that doubles or triples your sales--> The 1 simple technique that makes sales so much easier…people will almost sell themselves on what you have to offer--> How to choose between business strategies that will move you ahead ...
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