Judy Bordeaux
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 195

Beth's house on Sylvia Street has seen many children come and go. As a nurse and foster mom for over 30 years, she has cared for over 300 medically foster children. This book documents her life with seven children and young adults over one year's time. In the spring we meet a tiny underdeveloped 16 month-old boy with eating and nutrition issues, a four and six year-old set of siblings getting ready for adoption the following week, a young teen with lupus who needs kidney dialysis three times a week, and three young adults each with their own health and disability issues. We follow them to the beach in summer, through the Thanksgiving holidays, and into a winter of both pain and promise.Savor the humorous touching stories of these young lives and the woman who not only cares for them but sends each one out into the world with a handmade sock monkey.
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