Cheryl McKay
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 134

Springhill, Nova Scotia, a tiny town with a tremendously courageous spirit.In the 1950s, tragedy struck the mining town of Springhill not once, but three times:The 1956 Explosion The 1957 Main Street Fire The 1958 Bump The Explosion took the lives of 39 miners. The Main Street Fire wiped out many of the family-owned businesses. The Bump, an underground earthquake, took the lives of 75 good men of Springhill.Springhill became known as everything from "The Hard Luck Town" to "Miracle Town."Those miracles are the heart of this book.Springhill is a place with strong resilience, despite the tragedies that tried to take her down. The miracles that happened are nothing short of astounding, to see the hand of God show up and rescue men whom the entire town thought were dead.In Spirit of Springhill, you will experience the town through first-person accounts of what happened back in the 1950s ...
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