Millenia Black
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 20

★ ☆ ★ Men. Love. Relationships. Learn the 7 Signs Your Man is Cheating Big Time! ★ ☆ ★Legendary aviator Charles Lindberg did it.As did famed attorney Johnnie Cochran.Anybody remember Scott Peterson?CBS’s Charles Kuralt got away with it for years!We all say, "That could never happen to me!" but it is becoming increasingly common each and every year!This Could Be Happening to You!In 7 SMOKE SIGNALS YOUR MAN IS LIVING A DOUBLE LIFE, bestselling author Millenia Black shares what she learned from private investigators and divorce attorneys while doing research for her internationally bestselling novel, The Great Pretender!Ever wondered what you might not know about your husband or boyfriend? Could he not only be cheating on you, but have a whole other life outside your marriage you know nothing about? Other children you don't know exist? It's important to know the signs!★ ☆ ...
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