Brandon Berntson
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 193

Sacrificing it all was just the beginning . . . Mason Loveless has found success by using his imagination, but his marriage and his personal life are falling apart. Choosing to ignore it, he spends his afternoons drinking and fishing with his cousin, Eric.But in the wild outdoors, another world is calling: Calliope, a faraway land on the verge of destruction by the Black God, Malon.Convinced that Calliope is in jeopardy, Mason sets off with his cousin to save a world neither knows anything about, meeting characters that feel like family.But in order to free Calliope from the Black God forever, Mason and Eric must sacrifice everything they know . . . including their own lives.Author's note:The Divinity Series comprises the story arc of the child, Divinity, beginning with All The Gods Against Me and continuing on with Calliope and Worlds Away. It is a series of darkness to light ...
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