Brandon Berntson
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 206

Sometimes you are more than you ever thought possible . . . After meeting in a hotel parking lot, Justin Parody and Anna Lightener leavethe modern world behind and venture off into the unknown.But astheir relationship grows, the world changes alongside them, revealingplaces and people that couldn't possibly belong on Earth.Whenthey witness the kidnapping of a child, more is at stake than theirbudding relationship. The girl is Divinity, the Child of Light, and sheis at war with the Dragon.Determined to rescue Divinity, Justinand Anna venture off into parallel worlds, aided by various charactersfrom other times and places.But the child has a plan of her own, leading them to a final confrontation with the Dragon . . . and afuture neither could have possibly imagined.Author's note:The Divinity Series comprises the story arc of the child, Divinity,beginning with All The Gods Against Me and ...
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