Craig Halloran
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 234

Settlements under siege …Ravaged by war, Nalzambor needs a hero. The once vibrant world filled with peace and beauty is collapsing underneath the crushing boots of the Armies of Barnabus. Fear and disorder rule.Traveling the lands, Nath Dragon, Brenwar the dwarf, Bayzog the wizard, Gorlee the changeling, Ben the warrior, and their dwarven friends begin liberating the towns and villages on their own. Hope and Success follow but not without notice.High Priestess Selene sends out her forces to shut the menace, Nath Dragon, down. Her dragons, draykis, soldiers, and satyrs comb the lands with murderous intent and they will not stop until she captures Nath Dragon, kills his friends, and takes control of the world. Putting themselves in the hands of Nath’s lead, Brenwar’s, Bayzog’s and Ben’s friendships with Nath are tested. Gorlee finds himself in an unusual role with his ...
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