Terry M. West
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 26

The unhappy man sits in a motel room with the call girl. The only thing that makes the unhappy man a happy man is a strange and dark fetish. But it does make quite a mess...WARNING: This story is not for the squeamish!MORSEL is just one of the dark tales featured in West's critically-acclaimed collection, A PSYCHO'S MEDLEY. MORSEL is part of the Single Shot Short Story series which adds exclusive story notes and bonus content that you can only find in the Single Shot Story Series! Included in this edition for the first time anywhere is the Demons of Flesh teleplay that inspired the short story, MORSEL.And if you want more madness, here is what people have said about A PSYCHO'S MEDLEY: "This book is a read that will never be forgotten. It's a true exploration of mental, and physical torture, with an element of bounteous apprehensions..."-Wesley Thomas, Horror Novel Reviews "This my ...
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