Michael Harris
Publisher: Michael Harris
Pages: 67

THE FIVE ATOMIC F-WORDS: FIREBALL, FALLOUT, FUSION, FISSION, F*CKED UPIn 1956—from Saturday, May 5 to Sunday, July 22—17 high yield nuclear devices (otherwise known as H-Bombs) were detonated in top secret tests.  Ground Zero was located in the South Pacific because, according to the Department of Defense, the weapons “could not be tested in Nevada.”Why? They were “unsafe.”NUKED (19,000 words) focuses primarily on these explosions, codenamed Operation Redwing, and tells the story of What Went Wrong. What was dangerous.  What it felt like being a human guinea pig.1,612 army men (including me, a draftee) were exposed to radiation. So was the rest of the all male contingent (civilians and members of other armed forces), a total of 14,643.  We were left to fend for ourselves and had to face radioactivity and military incompetence without recourse, relief or protective ...
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