Latasha McLaughlin
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 210

When Elizabeth Davis, slave to the Davis Family, expresses her feelings to the man she loves, she knows the consequences will be dire. Elizabeth is in love but the man she loves is a former confederate soldier, and her master's son. William is injured, losing the use of his legs, and sent home to heal and Elizabeth is in charge of his care. Between the raging Civil War, the horrible attacks on the plantation, and Elizabeth's confession of her true feelings, the two fall in love. It doesn't take long for the household to see the blooming relationship and Elizabeth is faced with being raped by the plantation's overseer, daily beatings and nasty remarks from the household.When the former cold and indifferent Captain renounces his beliefs in slavery, he pleads for his father to release Elizabeth, even offering to buy her, but his father threatens to sell her off and William knows he ...
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