Elizabeth Ambrose
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Pages: 56

Berries are simply amazing and delicious food. They are enough to complement your daily needs of fruit or vegetables. Berries are low in calories and very high in energy and nutrients. They are loaded with vitamins and many other antioxidants which keep your body in good health. Many medical experts strongly recommend the inclusion of these berries in the diet. This recipe book will provide you with a variety of recipes covering all kinds of berries.•This cookbook contains a description of many berries.•Health benefits of all the berries are also included in this book. •The recipes are simple, easy and can be made by an amateur cook at home.•All the recipes include nutritional information, helping you to keep an eye on your calorie intake.• The book contains berry breakfast recipes, berry fruit salad recipes, salad recipes, berry juices, berry smoothies, berry milkshakes and berry ...
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