Garrett Oden
ASIN: B00K5A5578
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 73

A great war, the mystery of Mirage Island, Biblical references - crazy theories and conspiracies are abundant in the world of Pokemon. Everywhere you turn there's another mystery in the game, anime, or manga that inspires another theory.This book is a simple collection of 40 of the best ideas and theories out there. Some are my own, but most have been singled out from the hundreds I scoured through to create this easy to read, informative, and entertaining ebook.You'll learn lots of theories, some concerning:1. 2 Biblical references2. The 9/11 tragedy of America3. The origin of the 3 legendary dogs4. The nature of mega-evolutions5. Much, much moreWhat are you waiting for? Stop scouring the internet for hours upon hours trying to find good theories. Consider this carefully curated ebook instead!
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