Gillian Larkin
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 65

A ghost mysteryFollowing their parents’ sudden death, Frankie and Grace Abrahams are left with crippling debts and an almost empty antique shop.Frankie has watched countless TV programmes about storage locker auctions and is convinced that he has what it takes to succeed in the business. He drags Grace to a nearby auction. Frankie is excited about making his first bid, he doesn't know that Grace can see ghosts in the lockers.Frankie buys his first locker, complete with a 17-year-old ghost. The ghost looks so sad that Grace can’t help but talk to him. She soon finds out why he is attached to the locker. He asks for her help. Grace doesn't know how she can help him, she’s never even spoken to a ghost before – she just knows that she has to try.
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