Margaret Brazear
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 246

It is 1650 and Oliver Cromwell rules England as Lord Protector. King Charles I is executed and his royalist followers, Sir William Ferguson and his wife and daughter, Diana, have lived quietly in their isolated manor house for a year, when Jasper Philbert and his band of roundheads come calling. Having murdered Sir William and his wife, Philbert forces Diana into marriage with him, whereby claiming her property as his own. After ten years of violence and sexual abuse at his hands, Charles Stuart returns to reclaim his throne and Jasper flees, being one of the traitors most wanted by the King for the murder of his father. But after reuniting with her childhood sweetheart, Peter Spicer, Diana's glimpse of freedom vanishes when she learns that the new King believes her guilty of supporting and helping her husband. Now Peter must recapture the traitor in order to free the woman he loves ...
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