Dr. Joseph S Maresca
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Pages: 15

Learn ways to break loose from the shackles of income inequality.Remedies For Income Inequality by Dr.Joseph S Maresca discusses the definition of income inequality, as well as, potential remedies for implementation across the U.S. economy and even foreign economies.This ebook is one of those rare gems that will benefit readers with a unique perspective on a topic which poses great challenges to government planners.The ebook is a Kindle Short Read ebook.Income inequality is an indicator of how scarce resources are distributed across the societal domain.Some economists consider high levels of income inequality to be morally unjustifiable.Income inequality is depicted as the ratio of income in the upper quartiles to the total population.For example, a statistic may show that 80% of a country's income is controlled by 25% of that country's residents.These statistics are unfair inherently; ...
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