Layce Gardner
Publisher: Square Pegs Ink
Pages: 167

You’ve heard the old saying two brains are better than one? Well, Layce and Saxon’s two brains have melded together forming the equivalent of one and a quarter brains, which anybody knows is more than one brain. And they mooshed this brainchild into one book containing their best blogs. That’s right. The very best of Saxon and Layce’s blogs are brought together in this one book! Rated R for foul language and rampant lesbianism.Testimonials:“The best bathroom reader book ever. Now where’s my five bucks you promised?” Anonymous Guy“What’s a blog? Is it one of those diet drinks?” Fat Woman in line at Walmart“That cover sucks. You should put a zombie on the front.” Boy eating Cheetohs at a bus stop“Get away from me before I shank you!” Crazy man outside library
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