Shane O'Brien MacDonald
Publisher: Ankerville Street Productions
Pages: 356

Only one woman can stop a Doomsday machine, menacing the earth from 50,000 feet… …and that’s Kiki Claymore!Daedalus. A top-secret drone program. Completely self-sufficient, it has been hijacked by a group of terrorists. They want to turn it into a flying nuclear bomb—aiming it right at New York City. Their leader? The most recent ex-boyfriend of a young woman named Kiki Claymore.She’s the latest recruit of Task Force Ten—an ultra secret group of NATO secret agents. Her mission: find her former lover and stop him at all costs. The only problem? None of her fellow spies trust her. Is she on a mission to stop the man who broke her heart? Or will she betray her NATO colleagues to keep her love alive?From faking her way through the red light district of Barcelona to a deadly shootout at mission control in Cape Canaveral—Kiki Claymore is on assignment to stop the only man she’s ever loved. ...
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