Michael Schulz
Publisher: ProClaim
Pages: 124

Please Take Note: This is the High Definition Edition - (125 Pages Black & White) This book is also available in these editions: PaperbackRegular Edition (Kindle)Fixed Format Edition (Constrains to Screen) (Kindle) (HD)_________________________________________________________In "Man, A Dog's Best Friend", Michael Schulz takes his readers behind the scenes of the creative process which brought his characters to life. A chapter by chapter breakdown walks the reader through the birth and development of the characters that coexist in these wonderfully illustrated cartoons. "Man, a Dog's Best Friend" is a descriptive view into the sometimes complex relationship that exist between humans and their canine counterparts. "The process in creating each cartoon is discussed in great detail, from the rough drawings to the final inked strips. An in depth look is also included for the discussion about ...
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