Jennifer Scarffe
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 66

Is companion planting really a 'magic formula' for abundant harvests and pest free crops? I believe it is, but there is so much more to the magic of organic vegetable gardening than simply knowing which plants enjoy each other's company.This companion planting guide is for gardeners who are prepared to go deeper than the simplistic 'carrots love tomatoes' advice spruiked in other companion planting books. Instead you'll learn how soil enrichment, compost, mulching and organic pest control methods all work together to create a diverse, complex natural system that yields far more than traditional gardening methods.Written in an easily accessible and conversational style, this book delivers the nitty-gritty on all aspects of organic vegetable gardening and will soon have even the most novice of gardeners enjoying a bumper harvest. Best of all, the methods outlined in this book require a ...
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