Charity Wilson
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Then just write out the recipes you love in a Blank Book Billionaire blank recipe book. You can find some great options by searching My Recipe Journal right here in Amazon. Paleo lovers get your veggies on!Paleo Smoothies For Smart PeopleNo time to cook? Join the club. Intimidated by the thought of having to eat all these extra vegetables? Don’t be. This book has you covered with 50 delicious Paleo Smoothies that are easy and quick to make.Why Bother With Paleo Smoothies?Convenience leads to weight gain but can also lead to weight loss. It is a powerful tool. Eating a pound of vegetables a day can seem like an inconvenience but drinking a couple weight loss shakes that support your Paleo eating is super convenient.If you don’t make eating healthy feel convenient, you will eat unhealthily. It is that simple.A Paleo diet derives its health benefits from the fact you cut the crap and ...
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