Denis Schulz
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Dirty old men should not have the hots for preteen girls of either sex. It says that somewhere. Maybe not in the Qur’an or in the Bible or in the US Constitution, but somewhere. The Sheikh should have known better. Maybe he was too old for his own good. He declared a fatwa legalizing the marriage of Muslim men to girls as young as nine years old and then he was off to the Osama bin Laden Madrassa to claim his child bride. He didn’t know it but he was on a collision course with private detective Bernard Piffy who had just arrived in Gaza with a loaded Glock and a psychopathic guardian angel puppy dog in a bird cage. And Stockton Bonds, England’s notorious Agent Six-and-seven-eights, was there. They would meet at the Madrassas where the Sheikh would change his mind about his bride-to-be. It would embarrass the girl, stun the private eye, and rock the Madrassa to its foundations. .
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