D.S. Williams
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 408

In the fourth book in the Nememiah Chronicles, Charlotte fights to move forward in her war against the Vampire Council – but are her endeavors enough to ensure that she is the one that survives?When a grave tragedy sends Charlotte Duncan reeling, she struggles to find her way forward while dealing with the pain of loss. With the war against nemesis Archangelo and the Drâghici Consiliului, Charlotte must protect the asylum-seekers flocking to Zaen – in the face of the knowledge that she may not survive.A fast-paced paranormal romance, The Knowledge of Love follows the twists and turns in Charlotte’s journey to end the reign of terror brought on by her enemies. As she persists in the fight, she receives unexpected aid and discovers that despite the gravity of her loss, she’s been left with a precious gift – but will it be enough to ensure that she is the Nememiah’s Child to ...
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