Terri Main
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Living the Christ-Empowered LifeIn this Bible study of the book of Colossians, you will learn the secrets of living a successful Christian life. Many are counterintuitive. You find victory in surrender. You find life in death. You discover strength in weakness. You are enriched through sacrifice. This Bible study guide will open up to you the riches of this small book.Colossians addresses deep spiritual mysteries like the nature of Christ as God as well as issues of everyday living such as family, social and work relationships. The apostle Paul blends the numinous with the ordinary in such a way that we begin to see no clear division between the spiritual and the material worlds. Topics include:A Prayer for a ChurchThe Incomparable ChristFrom Enemy to HeirComplete in ChristOut with the Old and In with the NewReciprocity of RespectRedeeming the TimeAll Wordmaster 99 Cent Bible studies ...
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