Lynn Red
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 597

***LIMITED TIME OFFER - REGULAR PRICE $5.99***Steamy, seductive, toe-curling bad boy werewolf romance from New York Times and USA Today best-selling author Lynn Red – grab the entire series at once and save a bundle!A werewolf? Those things don’t exist. Right? Small town life and a string of bad relationships have left Lily Kyle cold. But, when an old flame returns, she’s swept off her feet and thrown into a wild, unbelievable, unreal world where she’s no longer just a witty, struggling writer. Those werewolves that don’t exist? Yeah. Turns out she’s fated to one. There’s no escaping destiny, no escaping love. Damon King, young and hungry alpha wolf of the Skarachee pack, is locked in a life and death struggle with a rival alpha. Every day is a struggle, every night a fight. Nowhere to run, nothing to lose, Damon knows he needs a mate. When he lays eyes on Lily? He KNOWS ...
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