Aderyn Wood
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 266

Sixteen year old Dale had never heard of the Borderlands. But the Borderlands have always known Dale. Enter a hidden world unlike any you’ve encountered...The Borderlands exist but there are no signs, no maps, and the odds of making it to them alive are bleak. If you’re accepted, there’s no coming back.Dale is uniquely prepared for the dangers of the journey. She can sail almost any boat, she can light a fire, and even hunt for food, but above all else, she has no choice. Her enemies at home are tallying up – high school mean girls, a mother who is always disappointed in her, the new boy at school who betrayed her, and an evil sorcerer who wants one thing: Dale.The mystical world known as the Borderlands exists somewhere over the angry northern sea. She must make it there if she is to survive. And she must make it if she is to discover, once and for all, who she really is.If you like ...
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