Miley Smiley
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 36

"Water:The Most Important Drink In The World" (Children's bedtime stories) Early Readers Picture BooksWhat Readers and Reviewers Say:-"What a fun way to present water. All the different beverages describe why they are important in a fun and interesting way. Great pictures on every page, colorful layout and fun to read. Recommend!"-"This is not only entertaining, but educational and engaging!"Children should learn the importance of drinking water from a very yearly age.But, it‘s not easy to encourage them to drink plain water instead of the sugary drinks. That’s why I wrote the book: “Water: The Most Important Drink In The World” In this book children can learn in a very entertained way about the importance of water.Drinking plain water can make a big difference in your child’s healthRead this fun and entertaining bedtime story now!
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