Craig Halloran
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 240

The forces of Barnabus grow stronger …Nath Dragon leads Bayzog, Brenwar, and Ben east to the River Cities with hopes of ending the way the Forces of Barnabus control the dragons. But the peaceful River Folk are also controlled by the soldiers of Barnabus, and Nath and company struggle to find allies among them. And what terror lies in the Floating City, the key to it all? Can Nath Dragon find his way in and find a way out again?Gorlee the changeling is sent into The Deep, where he must face a monstrous creature called a triant named Blatver to survive. Will Gorlee survive the evil minions of The Deep? Pilpin, Devliik, and the rest of the dwarves continue their vengeful pursuit of the murderous satyrs, Finlin and Faylan, whose resources have them vastly outnumbered. Are they crafty enough to handle the draykis and hordes of soldiers that would consume them?Nalzambor needs heroes, and ...
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