P. K. Vandcast
Publisher: Vandcast Press
Pages: 40

Sometimes a Good BBQ Can Kill YouHave you ever had something precious taken from you by circumstances, unexpected situations, or careless or uncaring people?Who hasn’t had something over which they secretly obsessed?Jerry Ketchins lives for one day every year: Labor Day. This day, however, will test his mettle. He’s a man fast approaching the edge of his own sanity but will soon find himself with his toes hanging over the precipice that separates light from darkness.It’s not clear to Jerry now, but a simple incident on the road will determine his fate… forever.BONUS --Get new flash fiction, "Antagonist," written by P. K. Vandcast in 2016 and included at the end of this short story.You will also get Van's metered poem, "Unheard Epitaph," also included at the end of the eBook.P. K. Vandcast, author of Bloodlust and Bye Bye, Miss American Pie, brings you a short story of sons and ...
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