Bradley Ramsey
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 74

ENTER the NEW DIMENSION of INTENSITY! BOOK 1 of the POST APOCALYPTIC HORROR THAT (VERY EASILY) COULD BECOME REAL You DON'T necessarily need a Kindle Device for reading this book. It is available for immediate reading with your Amazon virtual cloud reader)In the first book of the trilogy, "I Devour, Therefore I am", an ancient order must perform a sacred ritual at Stonehenge; the remnants of an ancient prison known to the order as “The Circle of Captivity.” Arlana Tristus spent her entire life defying her own destiny, but now she can run no longer. The ritual at Stonehenge has failed, the prison bars have been shattered, and what lies within is unleashed upon the Earth. It spreads like an epidemic, faster than anyone could have imagined. It infects in seconds, silencing the heart and taking control. It feeds on the memories of it’s hosts, learning about humanity more and more with ...
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